Indulge in a LIVE dream lifestyle vision session and experience an innovative twist on “home is where the heart is” by joining the Dream Life Designed Mini-Masterclass. Get ready to identify your ultimate dream goals and dream-life interior design style!

I am Raven Vermeil-Badmus. I am the author of Dream Life Designed (coming soon), an award-winning Interior Designer specializing in furniture consulting, and the Founder of Décor Beverly Hills. The top questions people ask me are: How do I create my dream life? or How do I design my dream home or commercial space?

Those who book the mini-session offered below are automatically placed first to indulge in the full masterclass and will receive exclusive program discounts. Together we expand on the insight needed to begin the initial steps of designing a dream lifestyle and creating dream spaces like a pro!

If you plan to design your dream interior space one day, whether in the near future or years down the road, this session is for you! Get ready to explore the interior design of your dream life and dream home vision. You only live once, but if you design it right, once is enough!



How do I envision my dream lifestyle?

What does your ultimate dream lifestyle look like as a reality?
Consider factors such as purpose, career, and home life.
Make a list of your inner goals and current preferences; then we can guide you
through the rest!



Dream Life Designed


Enjoy this complimentary workbook to begin the initial steps to envisioning your heart desires in collaboration with your dream home vision!

It can be daunting to take leaps toward our dreams that seem difficult to picture as a reality, but it’s even scarier never to take a chance on our ultimate purpose.

This experience dives a little deeper into our own interior design, as in what speaks to our inner goals, which map out our reality. Home is where the heart is; once we dive into our ultimate dream life, creating a dream home is a breeze.

It’s time to

  • Have clarity in envisioning your dream interior style
  • Create a vision and action plan for your dream life goals
  • Have confidence in Furniture & Decor Shopping to love the space you dwell within
  • Produce an interior decorating budget like a pro